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Chronic Rehabilitation

Fitness and Nutrition

Corporate Wellness Program

 Our Mission

We are a specialty gym that helps those who need more one-on-one attention than a traditional gym can provide. If you have weight to lose, an injury, are dealing with a chronic illness, or if you want to prevent chronic illness we are the gym for you! We specialize in post-rehab training, nutrition and weight loss services, medical exercise, as well as stress and anxiety relief.

At Second Wind, it is our mission to provide HELP: Hope, Exercise, Learning, and Pain Relief. We want our members to feel in control of their future again with a powerful package of specialized resources, designed specifically for your goals/needs in a supportive, inclusive community. Our goal is to improve your long term enjoyment and engagement in life.

We believe everyone deserves to feel as if they’ve gotten their Second Wind
when it comes to being able to move, relax, function, and feel better!